The Magnum Detox Brand of products offer a line of one-hour detox drinks. Their products come in two sizes and 4 flavors. The liquid drinks taste good and are thinner and easier to drink than most detox drinks. After testing and evaluating the liquid drinks, we came to the conclusion that these products are flushes. They don’t contain any true herbal blends that aid in rapid body detoxification. Test results with Magnum were not consistent with their advertised claims. Made up of water, flavorings, vitamins B6 and B12 and creatine, Magnum fails to impress us. This product falls into the quick flush catagory, not a true “herbal cleansing” detox.

If you are not serious about cleansing and just looking for a quick and simple liver cleanse this product will do just fine. For those who need serious one-hour detox we suggest you take a look at our top rated herbal cleansers.

There is no online list of ingredients for us to post for your review, their website not informative nor do they offer any advice or information on detoxification and how their products work. Not consumer friendly at all. We can’t find much information on the company other than the year they started, 2002.

They do not offer a 100% money back guarantee. In fact the “complete satisfaction guarantee” on their website is not only confusing but very misleading…they list both a 15 day and 30 day return/exchange policy in the same statement leaving us both confused and very skeptical about Magnum Detox.


  • Tastes like a sports drink, very easy to consume.
  • Good choice for those who are looking for a quick liver flush.


  • Magnum Detox liquid drinks are flushes, not true herbal cleansers.
  • Not recommended for those looking for serious one-hour detox and cleansing.
  • Website does not list ingredients nor do any of the online stores that carry it. What’s up with that?
  • No 100% money back guarantee. Very confusing/misleading information on return/exchange policy.
  • Pricey for a simple liver flush.

The cheapest price for Magnum Detox that we found is here: Buy Magnum Detox


6 thoughts on “MAGNUM DETOX”

  1. If taking this product for pre-employment drug testing…don’t waste your time. FAIL!!!

    Their “guarantee” consists of giving you a new bottle that didn’t work the first time.


  2. Thanks for posting this review. I know a lot of people who don’t like Magnum Detox. A few of my friends like it but not many. I will tell them to read your blog.

  3. Really cool post, highly informative, I’m glad to see reviews of these products. There are some good ones and some really bad ones. Magnum is at the bottom of my list. I tried it once with very bad results. I use Pure Detox now, their 710 is the bomb.

  4. Magnum detox sucks ass. This is the worst shit on the market. Stay far away from this stuff. They don’t stand behind their product because they make cheap ass crap. Stores should be ashamed to sell it.

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